Steemit Community Open-Source Projects
Since joining as @Artopium in December I have been steadily investing both time and money in order to support and curate both and artists.

My primary focus for Steemit is SteemAX, an auto-upvote exchange program that might help alleviate some of the problems caused by bid bots. This project is only in the beta phase and currently online for use! Please read the entire series of blogs relevant to the content and creation of SteemAX, listed below. My very next step involves setting up a Steemit witness node so I will be campaigning for witness votes soon. Thank you!
@ArtTurtle Upvote Bot
My first contribution to the Steemit community is @ArtTurtle , an open-source upvote bot I programmed based on the Steem Python open-source code. ArtTurtle will automatically upvote all posts made by artists that have joined If you are already a member of and would like @ArtTurtle to upvote all your art related posts please delegate 20 SP or more and @ArtTurtle will automatically begin following you and upvoting all of your art and music related posts..

ArtTurtle is available on Github and is continuously being improved.
Programming & Electronics Design Tutorials
Very soon I will be introducing a video series aimed at teaching basic electronics and programming. This will include programming the Steem blockchain, as well as just some fun electronics projects. I have a more serious electronics project I'm tentatively calling "Sensi-Pot" which will be a tutorial series that culminates in building a wi-fi enabled humidity and temperature sensor and automated controller. This open-source hardware device can control up to eight 120 volt devices that can be used to control a humidifier/dehumidifier, lights, fans, AC, heater and anything else needed for controlling an indoor garden or growroom. This will be especially helpful for the booming marijuana industry in my homestate of Colorado.
Past & Current Web Design Projects
( when I worked there)